The app that rewards you for driving.

ABOUT THE APP Get rewarded for the driving you do every day.
That’s what MileUp™ is all about.

MileUp is the easiest, most effortless way to get rewarded for driving. Download the app and automatically start getting points for every mile you drive. Then use those points to enter into sweepstakes* for prizes like cars, vacations, gadgets, cash and more.

APP MISSION Drive. Get Rewarded. Do Some Good.

MileUp uses your phone’s sensors to track your driving activity - like how far you travel, when you are driving, or how many stops you make. By sharing your driving data, you’re helping us improve our accident detection technology – helping us make driving safer for everyone on the road.

Testimonials Words from MileUp users

  • Eric H. I WON! I received a $500 amazon gift card from the Mile up sweepstakes. I used the money to buy much need items for my sons (triplets) and myself for an adventure trip we are taking this summer with Scouts. I came in very handy. Its great to be able to earn credits for sweepstakes entries by just driving like I do everyday. I have been with Mileup for about 6 months and will continue to use it everyday. You might not think you are gonna win, but I thought the same thing. Thanks again Mile-up.
  • Crystal J. Seriously the best and easiest way to enter sweepstakes and win. I love how easy it is and you actually win, I never believed in sweepstakes until I won your $500 amazon gift card. I bought a few things for the house like a new mixer and some toys for the kids. My husband got a new amp for his subs which he has been wanting for awhile. I've only been a mile up user for maybe 3 months but am now a lifetime user. Thanks for being amazing!!!
  • Michael B. Hello!! I was so surprised when I received the email that I had actually won a $500 gift card to Amazon!! I used the gift card to purchase some swimsuits, a phone case... lights for my Jeep, and I still have a little left. I received the email on my birthday...BEST birthday present EVER!!! I joined MileUp in December of 2016. I love it, because all you have to do is drive. How easy is that!!!!

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